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Last modified on Monday, October 31 2022 - 09:51:00

A No Limit CMS ...

Have you ever dreamed of combining both advantages of a CMS made website, as well as a custom designed one?

Indeed, a CMS enables you to manage the site content  in a structured, simple and intuitive way!
(See : What is a CMS ?)

To reach their goal, most CMS require the user to comply with their constraints and limitations.

Unlike them, YAK Pro - Web Portal System has been designed with two main purposes:

  • Never limit the user.

  • Always be flexible to minimize the cost of a site change or reorganization.

A CMS as you've never dared to imagine...

  • Sharp management of user rights (connected and / or public) on all types of objects.

  • A simplified API so that developers can easily write plugins, whose specific authorizations will be handled the same way as those already present in the core product.

  • An embedded programming language that manages the objects of the CMS (like Excel macros are used to manage Excel objects).
    The syntax of this language is inspired by php, in order to minimize the learning effort.

  • Full management of multi-languages​​, regardless of the number of languages.
    Parallel editing of all the content languages.

  • strict separation between content and layout, so you can fully change the GUI without having to make any changes in content.

  • ... And of course, all the features found on modern CMS.




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